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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Life

Your teeth can be some of your most prized possessions and for good reasons. Having a full-set of pearly whites will show just how high your personal health status truly is. The health of your teeth is the perfect reflection of your overall health in general. Do you reside in or near North Wales, Pennsylvania? Are you searching for top-notch dental treatments that won’t break your bank? If you answered yes, then you should definitely schedule an appointment with Smilestone Dental. Yes, we are your Montgomery County dentist of choice, and we serve other municipalities, such as Lansdale and Montgomeryville.


“So, Why Should I Choose Smilestone Dental?”

As stated above, we have become a fan-favorite in a sense because we provide dental services via a number of procedures. This includes dental services for children and adults. Dr. Kimberly Curtis and her dental staff is highly trained and is well-educated to handle an array of dental procedures. Whether you want to improve your look for the first day of school or you want to enhance your appearance for an upcoming wedding, we can get you to where you need to be.

“Do You Offer Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

Of course, here at Smilestone Dental Medicine, we can provide top-tier services in cosmetic treatments. Somme of the benefits of service for you is that the procedures are pain-free, fast to complete and affordable. We can literally change your smile in as little as an hour, or we can dramatically enhance your smile within a certain number of months. This is why consulting with a Montgomery County dentist is so important. Our dental facility has a nice, serene atmosphere, and our dental assistants are very courteous.

The magic of our in-house services can brighten your smile to an unprecedented level. This is one of the reasons to why teeth whitening is so popular. We will use high-quality, medical-grade compounds for transforming your teeth to a work-of-art. Of course, you’ll need to come in for an appointment before-hand so our dental professionals can better serve your needs. In some cases, individuals who have an extreme level of dental and gum issues may not qualify for teeth whitening treatment, but this is usually an exception to the rule. Smilestone Dental, your Montgomery County dentist, can offer Invisalign braces, dental crowns and veneers to better enhance your aesthetics.