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Cavity fillings are an important part of your oral health to prevent unnecessary deterioration of your natural teeth. Cavities can start out small, but can cause serious damage once they are in your teeth. Bacteria are the main cause of why cavities occur. They form plaque on your teeth and can eat a hole into the enamel, which then spreads to the pulp. If caught early, the cavity can be treated with a composite or white filling without further damage. Dental fillings are also used if your teeth develop a crack or fracture. Our restorative dentist is proactive when it comes to your oral health otherwise larger health problems could occur.

Why need a tooth filling?

  • If you have a cavity
  • If you have a chipped tooth
  • If you have a cracked or fractured tooth
  • If you have worn teeth
  • To close space in between two teeth

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In the past, many cosmetics dentists may have used amalgam (silver) fillings for your teeth. But as technology has progressed many dentists have switched to using composite or natural looking dental fillings. Why? Due to the fact that composite fillings are just as strong as the amalgam fillings and they are aesthetically pleasing versus a mouth full of silver.

What happens when a filling is needed?

  • A numbing agent is applied to the area to prevent any discomfort
  • Any decay will be gently removed from the damaged area
  • The area is thoroughly cleaned and prepped
  • The composite filling is placed and shaped on the damaged area returning it to its original state

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When you visit our North Wales dentist, you and your smile are our top priority. Dr. Allison “Ali” Lubchansky and our entire staff are committed to providing you with the gentle dental care that you deserve. Are you still trying to find a dentist in the North Wales PA area? Call your North Wales dentists today or contact us online and remember, “Every milestone in life deserves a great smile”.