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Ways Smilestone Dental Can Help Restore Your Teeth

When you have teeth that are damaged or decayed, our Lansdale dentist in Pennsylvania can help you. Here are some of the ways that our dentist can restore your teeth.

Ways Smilestone Dental Can Help Restore Your Teeth

Way 1: Emergency Procedures to Restore Your Teeth

There are several dental emergencies that can occur to your teeth, including a small chip on a tooth. However, our dentist can mix a substance that will protect the tooth when it is applied carefully. The dentist will polish the color-matching bonding substance carefully to create an attractive tooth. If your tooth is dislodged during a fall or from a hard blow to the face, then you can visit our dentist for a repair immediately. Place the dislocated tooth in a damp cloth to bring it to our office for insertion into its socket. Our Lansdale dentist can create a wire support system to hold the tooth in place while it attaches to the gum tissue and alveolar bones.

Way 2: Protective Dental Crowns for the Teeth

A Lansdale dentist can use X-rays and molds of your mouth to order a customized dental crown for a tooth. Dental laboratory technicians can make these restorations quickly using modern computer software programs. Within a few hours, you can have a crown that looks natural in your mouth, and a dentist can prepare your natural tooth for the procedure. The natural tooth may need a root canal procedure that involves drilling into the top of the tooth with a special instrument to remove its pulp and roots. The shell of the tooth is filled with a substance that hardens and protects it before the dental crown is placed over it.

Way 3: Replacing Metallic Fillings in the Teeth

When you have old metallic fillings in your teeth, you may want to have the restorations replaced by our Lansdale dentist. Our dentist can remove the old metal fillings to clean the cavity. The color-matching composite resin is inserted into the tooth right away, and it will harden quickly. This type of restoration will create a more attractive smile along with protecting the integrity of the tooth.

Way 4: Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Our dentist in Lansdale can replace your missing teeth with dental implants. There are individual dental implants that are placed on one metal post that is inserted into the gum tissue and alveolar bones, but a dentist can also design a metal frame that will hold two to six full-size dental crowns. If you need multiple dental implants, then a metal frame device makes it easier to recover from the surgery because you have fewer incisions in your gums.

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