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 Root canals in North Wales are one of the most common dental procedures performed every year. This treatment essentially saves the tooth from being removed and prevents the need for other prosthetics such as dental implants. It starts with the pulp of the tooth, otherwise known as the nerves and blood vessels, needing to be removed due to infection. What causes the infection? Bacteria that cause tooth decay can infect the pulp. A traumatic injury, such as a car accident, can cause inflammation. Fillings that need to be placed near the pulp due to tooth decay can also lead to inflammation and infection. For more serious cases, parts of the gum may have to be surgically removed, that is why seeing a North Wales root canal dentist is very important to your oral health.

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What happens during a root canal treatment in North Wales?

  1. Local anesthetic is given to the patient
  2. The endodontist makes a small hole in the crown of the tooth
  3. The infected pulp is removed from the canals
  4. The canals are filled with special material to prevent infection
  5. Finally, the crown is attached to the existing tooth

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Why should I get a root canal in North Wales?

  • If you have a lingering toothache
  • If you are highly sensitive to hot or cold foods
  • If you feel pain while chewing
  • If your gums show signs of swelling or inflammation
  • If you have pain that radiates all around the jaw

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When you visit our North Wales dentist, you and your smile are our top priority. Dr. Lichtenstein and our entire staff are committed to providing you with the gentle dental care that you deserve. Are you still trying to find a dentist in your area? Call your North Wales root canal dentists today at 215-874-0888 and remember, “Every milestone in life deserves a great smile”.

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