How to Keep Teeth White After Whitening Treatments

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How to Keep Teeth White After Whitening Treatments

Whether it be from coffee, alcohol, or simply age, teeth tend to lose their white appearance over time. Many people work really hard to keep their teeth looking bright and white for as long as possible. However, despite home remedies, many people pay good money to have their teeth professionally whitened. Once someone spends money and time to get their teeth whitened, the last thing they want is for their teeth to lose this new appearance too soon.

What can people do to keep their freshly whitened teeth looking whiter for longer?

Daily Care

Daily care will go a long way to keep teeth looking white. People with freshly whitened teeth should be diligent to brush their teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste designed to maintain a whitening. In addition, these people should be diligent to floss their teeth daily as well. The routine should be topped off with a rinse. People can buy mouthwash that also works to maintain the teeth’s natural white color, as well as help to maintain the effects of the professional whiting. People should be sure to ask their dentist for recommendations on the best products for this goal.


If someone eats or drinks a substance known to cause tooth stainings, such as some red wine or coffee, it is important that they follow up the meal with a rinse. Some may even choose to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with them, to work to brush their teeth after every cup of coffee.

Regular Dentist Trips

While there are plenty of things people can do at home to help protect their newly whitened teeth, it is important that they seek regular care from their dentist. These regular cleaning will help to keep the teeth in great shape and color.


For expert teeth whitening service, or for more tips on keeping your teeth white once they are whitened, contact Smilestone Dental.


How to Keep Teeth White After Whitening Treatments

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