Brushing is Not Enough: Why Flossing is So Important

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Brushing is Not Enough: Why Flossing is So Important

Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth, so why do so many people tend to neglect it? In part, this is because it can be uncomfortable and time-consuming, but the bigger problem lies in lack of education on just why it’s so important. We are used to dentists telling us we should be flossing, but not really understanding why.

Flossing Protects Your Gums

While brushing your teeth does a great job of cleaning them and keeping them strong, it does little for your gums. This is where flossing comes in as a real star and starts filling in the gap. Flossing is essential for keeping your gums healthy, something brushing simple cannot accomplish alone.

It Prevents Diseases

Flossing also helps to prevent diseases like heart disease and diabetes by keeping your mouth as clean as possible. Your toothbrush simply cannot handle the load alone, and without flossing, you are open your mouth to all types of infection.

It Stops Tartar from Building Up

Another thing your brush is not equipped to handle is proper tartar prevention. While it’s true that brushing does benefit you somewhat in this area, it cannot give you the same coverage as flossing. Flossing is essential to preventing this type of build-up.


Overall, the takeaway here is that without flossing, you simply aren’t fulling cleaning your mouth and teeth. Since your dental health is so closely tied to your overall health, this can have long-term and severe consequences, including many kinds of diseases. Taking good care of your teeth and gums sets you up for full body health and wellness.


Another great way to prevent yourself from having an unhealthy mouth is to get regular check-ups with your dentist. Visit the professionals at Smilestone Dental in North Wales, they do incredible work.


Brushing is Not Enough: Why Flossing is So Important

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