Tips and Tricks to Keeping Toothbrushes Clean

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Tips and Tricks to Keeping Toothbrushes Clean

The truth is disgusting — the average toothbrush has approximately one million bacteria on it, including fecal germs. These can worsen dental conditions, and cause more trips to dental offices in North Wales. Prevent toothbrushes from becoming an oasis for bacteria and germs with the following 3 tips.

Tip #1: Switch to Silicone Toothbrushes

Silicone toothbrushes do not collect bacteria like traditional toothbrushes. They have soft bristles that are much easier to clean than traditional bristles, and it’s less likely for toothpaste and other gunk from getting stuck at the base. These toothbrushes are also more ideal for those with sensitive gums, as the bristles tend to be more gentle.

Tip #2: Store Toothbrushes in Other Places

The reason why most toothbrushes get so gross is because they are stored in the washroom and close to the toilet. Whenever someone flushes, microscopic fecal matter become airborne. These particles can easily cling onto the bristles on toothbrushes. To prevent toothbrushes from becoming a popular hotel for bacteria and fecal matter, store them in dry and covered areas, like a medicine cabinet. Many dental offices in North Wales also recommend using toothbrush covers whenever possible.

Tip #3: Sanitize and Disinfect Toothbrushes Regularly

Being proactive can also help. Those who want to guarantee that their toothbrushes are clean should consider sanitizing and disinfecting them whenever possible. There are several different implementable methods for sanitizing and cleaning toothbrushes. They include:

  • Soaking toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide for an hour
  • Soaking toothbrushes in mouthwash overnight or for several hours
  • Boiling toothbrushes for about three minutes

A Clean Toothbrush Leads to Healthy Dentals

While many people don’t even think twice about how clean their toothbrushes are, those who do can keep toothbrushes free of bacteria. This may lead to improved dental conditions. Those who are interested in more information should speak to a dentist in North Wales for more tips and tricks.


Tips and Tricks to Keeping Toothbrushes Clean

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